Thrifty Hot Taps

Thrifty Hot Taps

Design, Sleek and Heritage Cruciform

Left to right: Design (3 in 1), Chrome, from £459, Sleek (3 in 1), Brushed Brass, from £599, Heritage Cruciform (3 in 1), Copper & Black, from £649

Kitchen appliances can be some of the biggest foes in the battle against conserving utilities. So how can you save energy in the kitchen?
The kettle is small but mighty. According to Uswitch, it currently costs 7p to boil a kettle for five minutes at a time. It’s not just about the energy costs. A UK government study found that 73% at least occasionally boil the kettle with more water than we’re planning to use. While an eco-kettle may go some way to reducing the energy expended by this, it won’t help change our behaviour.

Instant hot water taps are a long-term investment that can make an instant impact. Boiling hot water taps cost about 3p a day (if you’re using an average of 3 litres of water a day). You can also avoid overfilling worries. You can go straight from tap to cup, or pan. Plus, it’s faster than the traditional kettle or boiling water over the hob – saving you energy and time.

Wodar instant hot water taps save on energy and water, add more functionality to your kitchen and let’s not forget the visual value they bring to your home in their array of shapes and sizes. Look out for those which come with the filter and tank included in the price of the tap to avoid getting caught out with extra fees.

It’s time to stop waiting for the kettle, put the tap on and get boiling water instantly!

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