How To Install An Instant Hot Water Tap

How To Install An Instant Hot Water Tap

Installing a boiling water tap, also known as an instant hot water tap or hot water dispenser, can be a convenient and efficient way to have hot water on demand in your kitchen. 

It is important to note that installing a boiling water tap requires a certain level of knowledge and expertise. We always recommended that our customers hire a qualified plumber to handle the installation. 

Below you can find a brief guide on how an instant hot water tap is installed including some considerations and precautions to keep in mind.

Before you begin the installation process, it is important to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and materials on hand. 

You will need: 

  • A wrench

  • A basin wrench

  • A drill

  • A screwdriver

  • A pair of pliers

  • A pipe cutter

  • A pipe-thread sealant

You will also need your Wodar boiling water tap itself, as well as the mounting hardware and instructions that come with it.

Install Your Wodar Boiling Water Tap

  1. Shut off the water supply to the area where you will be installing the tap. This is usually done by turning off the main water supply valve for your home.

  2. Locate the water supply lines for your kitchen sink. These will typically be located underneath the sink, and they may be marked with red and blue caps or labels.

  3. Using a basin wrench, loosen the mounting nuts on the water supply lines and remove the supply lines from the faucet.

  4. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the mounting plate and the boiling water tap onto the sink. This may involve drilling holes into the sink and attaching the mounting plate with screws.

  5. Once the tap is mounted, it is time to connect the water supply lines. You will need to cut the water supply lines to the appropriate length, using a pipe cutter. Then, using a pipe-thread sealant, attach the supply lines to the inlet valves on the back of the boiling water tap.

  6. Finally, turn the water supply back on and test the boiling water tap to make sure it is working properly. If you notice any leaks or other issues, shut off the water supply and troubleshoot the problem.

Installing a boiling water tap can be a complex process.  It’s always recommended that you hire a professional plumber to handle the installation.

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