A Home Owners Guide to Wodar Sinks & Taps

A Home Owners Guide to Wodar Sinks & Taps

1. Should homeowners buy their sinks and taps together or separately? What are the benefits either way?

Buying your tap and sink separately gives you wider design options. This way you can mix and match finishes and colours; or choose to make a statement piece out or one of the other. You may consider having your sink made from the same block of stone as your countertops. This will give you a seamless extension that’s visually synergetic.

2. What should homeowners need to remember about buying sinks and taps?

There are lots of different styles to choose from, but try to pick a design that will enhance and suit your lifestyle. In a kitchen you can never have too many functionalities. Dual sinks give you more flexibility for food prep and clean-up. Installing a 3-in-1 instant hot tap will give you access to mains water and boiling water, and a 4-in-1 will also provide filtered water. If you love to cook or have a busy kitchen, a pull-out or spring necked tap will make washing up all the easier.

Remember to measure your tap. You don’t want to over or undersize. A tap that’s too high/low or that falls too far back or forward will give you a lot of splash back, so make sure the design you choose is the suitable height, width and depth for your mounting hole position. The arc of your tap should fall at around eight to ten inches high. If there are low cabinets, you could drop to three inches.

3. When choosing the finish of the tap - what should homeowners be mindful of? Do they have to match the sink to the tap?

The sink and tap don’t have to match, but co-ordinating the basin waste with the colour of the tap will make your look more considered. Aligning brassware to the colour of cabinets, drawer handles, or even the walls of your kitchen will ensure your tap adds to the composition and isn’t a visual breaker.

Brushed finishes have a warm tone and will show less finger and watermarks while more reflective surfaces such as Chrome give a glossy effect. Electroplated finishes like matt black have a good resistance to marks and scratches.

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