Choice through design

Wodar sets new standards for instant hot water tap design and engineering. Each of our boiling hot water taps is designed by a British design team, whose focus is to deliver you products that will enhance the function and aesthetic of your home via expert engineering and a variety of styles and finishes. The choice of designs and colours we provide help our customers find the right boiling hot water tap to suit their kitchen style, whilst bringing the convenience of instant hot water to their home.

As design is at the heart of what we do, offering cutting edge design styles that no other boiling hot water company can offer is something we are very proud of. To highlight this, our new ‘Industrial’ range is being put forward for the prestigious German Red Dot Design Awards and is a finalist in the Ideal Homes Awards.

Our talented team of researchers, developers and technical experts are constantly monitoring new trends and rigorously testing advancements in technology to implement into our designs.

All of our products are created in-house to ensure our perspective remains wide and innovative and our designs truly outstanding. However, we pride ourselves on crafting boiling hot water taps that not only look good but deliver instant hot water, time after time. This is why we are proud to offer extensive guarantees across our entire range, so that you can choose a Wodar product with complete and utter confidence.

Why Us?

Wodar Specification

The inner tank is completely insulated and energy efficient, the water to be maintained at a consistent temperature.

A smoked glass front with digital touch control and a functional colour monitor complements the smooth ABS case in matt black finish

  • A carbon rod filter is included with the unit, which is designed to absorb and remove calcium, magnesium, odour, dirt, and particles, among other things.
  • Conveniently fits into your base unit thanks to its small size (Overall height 330mm, Width 230mm, Depth 210mm).
  • Temperature ranges from 75 to 98 degrees Celsius.
Tank with state of the art technology

What makes our system so popular with homeowners is the revolutionary boiler tank unit, which is small yet powerful, hiding out of sight in your under-sink space. Because the compact ABS tank is not under mains pressure, the system is unvented, and no excess water is discharged to the drain.

Electric safety features are built into the inner tank. A temperature sensor that provides an accurate external digital reading of the current water temperature. A float sensor detects the level of water in the tank, preventing the boiler from starting dry. To ensure that the unit does not overcook, an overheat stat has been added.

WRAS Approval

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is a certification mark that verifies that an item or package meets the stringent requirements of water regulations. Every water supplier in the UK accepts WRAS approval.