It’s barbecue season!

It’s barbecue season!

The sun is up, the paddling pool is out of the shed, and the drinks are on ice – this can mean only one thing - the great British summertime is here and with it comes our primordial penchant for chucking food onto a fire. It’s BBQ season!

Although I’m the chef of the house day-to-day, when it comes to barbecuing, it’s my husband who’s reaching for an apron and thrusting about his many oversized utensils. Now, I’m a modern woman with feminist ideologies and believe that anything a man can do, a woman can do… probably better - but there’s something about the combustible danger of a naked flame that attracts the male species like moths around a lightbulb, so I relish the opportunity to get the husband out of my kitchen and into the garden for some grilling, as he declares to our children that “Daddy is cooking dinner tonight!”

I hasten to point out that this implies he is providing us with a complete meal, yet when I ask what’s on the menu the usual reply is “I got some sausages and steak from Tesco, they were on offer.”

Call me fussy but I like to have some accompaniments with my meat; maybe some potatoes, a mixed salad, bread buns and some corn on the cob, you know, the things that contribute to a balanced diet and distinguish us from a pack of Hyena’s eating meat off the floor.

So, under the guise of making myself a gin and tonic on my ‘night off’ and whilst him outdoors is laboriously turning sausages and enjoying the sunshine, I set to work indoors putting together the bulk of the meal, the side dishes. A task made much speedier thanks to the revelation of my Wodar instant boiling hot water tap. I quickly and effortlessly fill pan number one to boil the potatoes and then another to blanch the corn in boiling hot water, so it’s ready to grill. My instant hot water tap from Wodar means no waiting around endlessly for kettles and I only use exactly the amount of boiling hot water that I need. Win win. Then finally I fill pan number three to boil some eggs for my legendary (if I say so myself) Niçoise salad, all of this before he’s even put the steaks on.

Of course, there’s then the setting of the table and I make 13 trips back and forth to the kitchen to retrieve condiments but when the time comes for us to sit down so that he may present an impressive platter of chargrilled meats, I allow him to take full credit for the entire meal.

As the flames flicker and the last of dinner is scoffed down with lashings of ketchup, my children beg me to allow daddy to cook dinner again tomorrow night. Which he agrees upon but only if I’ll do the washing up…

Back to the Wodar boiling hot water tap I go!